"Through all the years, which I devoted to the making of the best wine, some of the most prominent traders in Europe, Asia, Africa and Amerika turned to me - each of them more important than the others and nobler than the others, but all of them led by love and desire to make and present the best wine.

For some of them we fermented wines by their own technology with much care and sleepless nights, and most often these wines aged in small oak barrels from French or American oak. I remember that during communism we closed them manually and later on, as we became famous around the world, we got a modern automatic production line. We were very united and rallied, and did everything with love. Sometimes we arranged the ready bottles in wooden boxes, sometimes we strewed them with oak chips, and for some customers we sealed the bottles with wax, and we always took care of the bottles to be placed horizontally, so that the cork was always wetted, to preserve and maintain the wine over the years.

Very often a small part of these lots left for us to age and mature in bottles, and, well, to have something to boast with to friends and clients. Yet today a part of these wines are kept as a collection in underground cellars, far away from the sunlight."

By the story of Uncle Emil from the oldest winery in Bulgaria, Suhindol



1997 GUMZA 

This wine is expressly designed for export to Norway.

Intact by the years dark garnet colour. Elegant flavor profile with noble development - iodine, black currant and dried cherry could be detected. Full and tight body with spice notes, velvety tannins and a long memorable finish.









Well preserved dark brick colour with orange-brown hues of maturation. Complex, multi-layered flavour profile of old and newer aromas of exotic flowers, leather, liquor, many spices and chocolate. Harmonious and full body with grainy and long memorable tannins. Currently, the wine is in excellent condition and can be stored for many more years.



This wine is specifically designed for export to Switzerland.

Extremely well preserved. Dense dark ruby colour with already light caramel shades. Typical fruity aroma of ripe red berries with a note of tobacco. Gorgeous, fully mature and homogeneous taste of Bulgarian Mavrud. Wine with real potential for aging.


This wine is expressly designed for export to England.

Intense dark garnet colour. Well-developed flavor profile with notes of cherry liqueur, tea, dry leaves, earth and dry red berries. Full body with blended tannins, but still fresh taste. Beautiful finish of fine memories of dried fruit.


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