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A Tale of the Evolution and People

For many many years on the blue planet, called the Earth, there lived the Evolution. She had many children and as She loved them all, She wanted them to live together. She created them, so that they do not starve as long as they are together, and some of them She endowed with skills to cure the pain and wounds of others.

From all her children Orpheus was the most talented and most powerful one. He learned to captivate others by the harmony of his lyre.

Some people, however, became very haughty and wished they would establish themselves a new balance on the Earth. They invented their own instruments, by which they could kill those creatures that stood in their way. People ignored the Evolution. Nevertheless, She did not turn her back on them offended. She was wise and waited, trusting in the goodness and intelligence of Her children. Human weapons began to destroy their own friends before long and even became a threat to them themselves, proving to be quite imperfect. People realized their mistake. They stopped trying to do the work of the Evolution. They began to learn from Her, in order to become stronger, like Orpheus.

So people started to give the others from those natural products, which they had used thousands of years to cure themselves. Furthermore, they began to water their favorite plants with herbs that scented delightfully.